Polished Flooring Solutions Limited....  ...was formed over 20 years ago by Byron & Judy Cash. We started out preparing floors for vinyl and tile layers, and sanding and polyurethaning timber floors. Byron has been around flooring all of his life - his father sold carpet and flooring back in the 1960’s. He has done his apprenticeship in carpet and vinyl laying and later, an adult apprenticeship in carpentry, so understands the nuts and bolts of foundations and concrete. This led to pioneering diamond grinding and polishing, and as the technology progressed has been in the forefront of this industry in New Zealand. Always seeking ways to get better and better results he diversified into concrete benchtops and dreamt of ways the finish could be applied to floors. Now with his two adult sons on the team is now transforming a standard concrete floor into a seamless sheet of polished stone. The looks achievable with concrete by injecting colours, scatterings of glass, metal etc., are only limited by your imagination. Use our contact page and find out why we truly are “The Gurus of Grind”. 
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Polished Flooring Solutions Ltd Taradale Napier 4112 New Zealand
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