Polished Flooring Solutions Limited....  ...why the passion over concrete? We have been around long enough to know that not all products are equal. It’s the combination of fillers, sealers and diamonds that make the end result - it’s not the person standing behind the big machine in the middle of the room that makes the job - but the artist on their hands and knees in the corner fine-tuning the details. We love what we do because no two jobs we do are ever the same - that makes our day really, really interesting. Because of the diversity and challenges our job presents  -  we never grow tired of what we do...and that is what fuels our the passion we have for our chosen trade. Use our contact page and find out why we truly are “The Gurus of Grind”. 
WHY THE PASSION? ...the gurus of grind
Polished Flooring Solutions Ltd Taradale Napier 4112 New Zealand
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