Polished Flooring Solutions Limited....  ...haven’t you done everything there is then? We see the future of polished concrete as the accessorising of the whole house. There is a fixation for covering up real materials like concrete with artificial laminates including tiles, plank wood, vinyls and plaster. In the past there was an excuse as the beauty of concrete hadn’t been realised. Now we can make it look beautiful, and match it with your walls, shower bases, vanities, hearths, mantels, kitchen bench-tops, islands, all sorts of staircases, barbeque areas etc. - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Use our contact page and find out why we truly are “The Gurus of Grind”. 
WHAT’S NEXT? ...the gurus of grind
Polished Flooring Solutions Ltd Taradale Napier 4112 New Zealand
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