Polished Flooring Solutions Limited....  ...why the gurus of grind? Well that’s what our clients call us. From our early years of polishing wood floors and in our pioneering days of diamond grinders - to today where we have advanced the art and now know how to polish anything masonry - we have become number one in our chosen field. In our early years, because you only had two metal bond cups - coarse and coarser - we were lucky if we ended up with only scratches and not grooves in the concrete. Nowadays my son is able to diamond hone firth blocks until I can see my reflection in them - even with no coating applied! With the evolution of penetrating sealers and resin bond diamonds we can now do things that until people see and touch them - they don’t believe it can been done. We are true experts in polishing anything from a red brick wall to a granite benchtop. Use our contact page and find out why we truly are “The Gurus of Grind”. 
WHY THE GURUS OF GRIND? ...the gurus of grind
Polished Flooring Solutions Ltd Taradale Napier 4112 New Zealand
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