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WELCOME Polished Concrete - Vanities
Polished Concrete
Polished concrete is an ideal choice for flooring and high wear surfaces like bench tops or vanity units. Concrete is also perfect for wet areas like bathrooms and showers.  
Polished Timber - Flooring
Polished Timber
Polished timber has a sheen and lustre that exudes quality. Timber is a sustainable natural product that has a warmth and character beyond comparison.
Everyone has a passion - ours are.... ... polished concrete, polished timber and stone. For over 20 years we have being transforming grey concrete slabs and dull timber floors into visually appealing surfaces. Polished concrete is a highly abrasive resistant material that is incredibly dense and really smooth to the touch. Polished timber has a depth and quality no other material can match.   Discover these amazing materials for yourself. Contact us today to share in our passion and see why we truly are.... ....the gurus of grind.
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