POLISHED CONCRETE ...the gurus of grind
Benefits...  There are many obvious benefits why polished concrete is the material of choice for many building projects -  attractiveness, robustness and practicality to name a few, but there are others too. Did you know concrete has great thermal properties? Concrete soaks up and stores the energy from the sun. It is a highly reflective material, so commercially it can save on lighting costs. As it doesn’t collect dust and termites, it is great for allergy sufferers. Did you know we also polish timber?
fines and sand. This is by far the most common finish we are asked for. Natural Finish The newest and our favourite. This requires a well burnished finish by the placers - requiring a similar finish to a garage floor. We focus on highly polishing the surface without removing too much of it. This gives a very hard wearing and natural look that is neutral and easy to decorate around. We can give similar finishes in non-slip for exterior patios and decks that enhances the indoor - outdoor flow. This helps to give the impression of size and the two finishes complement each other really well. See some of our polished concrete projects
A few ways we can polish concrete...  Exposed Stone Grind We recommend the floor is seeded with 19mm-22mm aggregate using 25 mpa concrete whilst still liquid and well floated to get all the fines and cream to the surface. It is ponded for 6-7 days and then a heavy grind is applied to expose all the aggregate and finished to about 75%. After the gib- stopping is complete, we return to complete and polish. The surface we leave the builders working on is 2-3 times harder than a standard finish. Speckle Finish This is standard concrete, lightly ground to remove the lattence and expose random
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