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Benefits...  Polished wooden floors never go out of style, they last for generations and they look beautiful with any kind of decor - whether that be traditional or ultra modern. Did you know that wood is a natural insulator? Polished timber flooring is easy to keep clean and as it doesn’t collect dust and termites - it is therefore great for allergy sufferers. When it starts to show signs of wear, it can be sanded and repolished again to keep it looking great. See some of our polished timber projects
What we do with timber...   We are very experienced with sanding and coating Tongue & Groove, native timber or exotic timber floors. WIth the colour fashions today, it seems that more people want to loose the autumn tones and stain or blonde the wood to match furniture or the surroundings. We can use water based or solvent based polys depending on needs and budgets. We can also provide high standards of finishes to cork and particle board floors. Did you know we also polish concrete?
Process...  A timber floor is first sanded using either a drum or orbital sander. This evens out any roughness in the floor and removes any previous coatings. Next an edger is used to smooth out the areas missed by the larger sanders. An orbital sander with fine grit paper removes any coarse sanding marks and the floor is then vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly. Edges are sealed and the coating is then evened out with a roller, working along the grain as much as possible. The surface is sanded again before the top coats are applied to bring out the beauty and grain in the timber.
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